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A Personal and Supportive Guide to Breast Cancer

How would you react if ten days into a transatlantic moveand a new job you found out that you had breast cancer?

Priscilla Lalisse-Jespersen had been living in Paris for over 15 years when she had her first mammogram, which, incidentally, took place the day before she moved back to the United States. Ten days later, when she’d already started a new job, the mammogram results came in: she had advanced breast cancer.

How do you navigate that? How do you manage when your entire world is upended?

In this book—part memoir, part practical advice—Lalisse-Jespersen takes readers into her personal journey with breast cancer. She candidly shares her experiences dealing with the challenges of treatment, relationships and culture shock, and she offers detailed advice to help other breast cancer survivors, their families and their friends.


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Book Reviews

Carolyn Moncel, Souperlicious

"In her new book, Priscilla shares her amazing story -- from diagnosis to remission. She is a fabulous human being, and an awesome writer."

Sherri H. Chatman, Amazon

“This book was SUCH an Encouragement to me!! Even though I’ve not had cancer, this book reminded me to LIVE and taught me how I could encourage others who are experiencing cancer.”

Sylvia Evans, Breast Cancer Survivor

"Your book was quite informative, uplifting and inspiring. Thank you for writing it!"

Michael Busch

“This is a compelling story told by a compelling author. I would advise all breast cancer survivors and their supporters to read it.”

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